Dr. Willem Sederel
Willem Sederel joined as Non-Executive Director (commissioner) of Synova

Synova is an advanced recycling company focused on closing the gap in the plastic supply chain. Its waste-to-chemicals technology is a superior form of chemical recycling, designed to displace the need for fossil fuels and reduce climate impacts.

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Bio Base Europe Training Center now called CO3 Campus

The Zeeland representative Jo-Annes de Bat has officially opened CO3 Campus. This is the new name of the Bio Base Europe Training Centre in Terneuzen.

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Virtual internship speed dates for students & companies working on sustainable innovations

Entrepreneurs can use some help in these times. At the same time, there is a serious shortage of internships for students who are eager to put their knowledge into practice. Preferably at a company that makes the world a more beautiful place. Bring these ingredients together virtually and you get Green Matchmaking: an online event on 13 April where companies and students find each other. The goal: as many matches as possible for internships starting in September 2021 or February 2022.

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