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Join our Chemical Recycling Network

Chemical recycling is an innovative processing technology for plastic packaging waste. Depolymerization, pyrolysis and gasification are important technologies for the realization of the climate objectives, both from the point of view of circular raw material use and CO2 reduction. In the Plastics Transition Agenda, the ambition is defined to realize 250 kt of output from chemical recycling annually by 2030. Several great initiatives have already been started in the Netherlands in recent years. But there are still bumps to take. With the Chemical Recycling Network we want to support entrepreneurs to seize the opportunities that this new industry offers. The network was launched just before the summer and already has more than fifteen members, so there is strong momentum. Who wants to join these frontrunners is welcome, see bottom of this article.

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Start of construction of the world’s largest protein factory by Enough

Foodtech company ENOUGH (formerly 3F BIO) announced at a celebratory ceremony on 16 September the start of the construction of a unique protein factory: the largest new protein farm without animals. The plant will be operational in 2022 with an initial capacity to produce 10,000 tonnes of vegetable protein per year. The 15,000 square metre facility will be located next to the Cargill facility in Sas van Gent in the Netherlands. The investment will initially create 25 new jobs and this number will double with plans for more than 50,000 tonnes of capacity by 2027. Circular Biobased Delta has been closely involved in the preparations as part of its Sugar Delta programme.

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Pitches HZ studenten Zeewier
Seaweed is the future

Seaweed is everywhere. Certainly in the province of Zeeland. So it is time to zoom in on the possibilities it offers. Some HZ chemistry students did just that during their Research Minor. Under the supervision of Dockwize, they even went a step further: they developed products. And not just any products.

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