Biorizon pilotlab GCC
Biorizon makes business plan for Application Centre

Biorizon is working on a business plan for a Bio-aromatics Application Centre, with a subsidy from the West Brabant Region Research & Development Fund.

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Fruitleather scales up production of vegetable alternative for leather 

Fruitleather is the first company to scale up production thanks to the 'Incentive Scheme Biobased Economy - Green Chemistry Campus'. Together with the Campus, Fruitleather will further develop the production of leather-like material based on discarded mangoes into a production process with constant quality. There is worldwide interest in this vegetable alternative for leather, which is used to make shoes, handbags and textiles.

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CE rapport meeting
Biobased-circular economy in Delta region makes substantial contribution to national climate goals.

With 20 biobased circular projects, the process industry can achieve more than half of its climate targets in the Delta region. This is the conclusion of research commissioned by the Circular Biobased Delta, supported by the provinces of North Brabant, Zeeland and South Holland.

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