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NFT 2021

Biobased already commonplace in some areas

On the last day of September, the first lustrum of Natural Fibertastic was celebrated in Bergen…

Pierre Gielen

Groen transport

Making an impact with bio-based democases

The bioeconomy is flourishing in Europe. Biorefinery initiatives are sprouting up all over the place; the…

Pierre Gielen


CoE BBE – bridge between companies and students

We are slowly moving closer to a biobased society in which we eliminate fossil raw materials…


Getting the maximum value out of biobased feedstock

Biorefining is the way to get maximum value out of biobased raw materials and to close…

Pierre Gielen

Europe from space

Horizon Europe off the ground

Horizon Europe (HEU) was officially launched this week (22 June). This major research and innovation programme…

Pierre Gielen

Plant One Rotterdam 4

Plant One Rotterdam

Plant One Rotterdam operates a large location where companies and research institutions can test and optimise…


From waste plastics to ‘green’ raw material

The chemical industry of the future will no longer run solely on petroleum, but partly on…

Pierre Gielen

Green Matchmaking

‘People make the biobased economy future-proof’

The transition to a circular bio-based economy makes high demands on the knowledge of current and…

Pierre Gielen

Farmer holding sugar beet

Sugar as the ideal bio-feedstock for the chemical industry

IST Green Chemicals has advanced plans for a plant in Terneuzen in the Province of Zeeland…

Pierre Gielen

Jeroen en Liz van RWS

Why CHAPLIN fits into the strategy of Rijkswaterstaat

Rijkswaterstaat is an important and active CHAPLIN participant. Therefore, we are curious about the vision and…