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Together with Planet is Bioprocess Pilot Facility (BPF) a unique open access facility located at the Biotech Campus Delft (NL). BPF is part of the greater biobased/biotech ecosystem in the South-west of the Netherlands. Here partners, companies and knowledge institutes can work (together) on developing and commercializing new circular products and production processes in the biotechnology domain that address pressing global societal changes like the reduction of CO2 emissions, the needed protein shift and reducing the dependency on oil.

BPF is  : Companies and institutes can use the facilities of BPF to validate their technology at a larger scale. Using existing facilities significantly lowers the (financial) risks of the pilot phase. BPF is independent and does not develop any IP for itself, so all IP developed during a scale up project is for the customer of BPF.

BPF has facilities to scale up and validate lignocellulosic pretreatment and hydrolysis, fermentation and downstream processing processes. Fermentation and downstream processing can also be done food-grade. At BPF the food-grade area is a separate part of the building, with its own FSSC22000 certification.

A great example of the work done at BPF is the development of plant-based protein from rapeseed by DSM (CanolaPRO™), a process which is developed and scaled up to pre-commercial scale at BPF with specific downstream processing equipment installed at and operated by BPF in a certified food grade facility.