Cooperation is at the heart of a healthy business climate. One plus one equals three. A wide variety of businesses looking for products and semi-manufactures that are an answer to traditional fossil fuels have joined forces in Biobased Delta.

They do business with Biobased Delta because it has put a system in place that applies for and wins grants, that shares knowledge, that has feelers out in Western Europe and organises events.

What has been achieved?

  1. The Green Chemistry Campus has been set up in Bergen op Zoom so that businesses can share their know-how.
  2. Businesses profit from the network facilitated by Biobased Delta.
  3. They also enjoy the benefits of the excellent logistics and infrastructure in the delta: ports, trade fairs, events and an efficient website.
  4. They further profit from the support provided by the provincial and municipal authorities for the initiatives.
  5. Cooperation with knowledge centres such as Avans and TNO is an inspirational springboard for innovative products.
  6. Biobased procurement by the provinces allows businesses to penetrate new sales markets.

The main achievement is undoubtedly the awareness that biobased is no longer a niche interest but a factor that businesses have to take seriously: more and more supermarkets are trialling alternative packagings, company canteens are banning plastics and the government is working towards the climate goals.