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Natural Fibertastic nieuws

Beste NFT-volger, Ondanks COVID-19 wordt er op de achtergrond gewerkt aan diverse circulaire biobased cases binnen…


CoE BBE Biobased update

Beste lezer, Duurzaam BBQ'en, biobased kerstballen, waardevolle stoffen uit zeewier en een nieuwe MOOC GrasGoed. Je…

Kademuur Sea Biocomp

SeaBioComp Project develops bio-polymer 3D printed marine fender profile

SeaBioComp, a collaborative project developing and producing novel bio-based thermoplastic composite materials for marine applications, has…

Aanleg proefstrook

Big step forward for upscaling bio-asphalt: construction of test lanes with lignin

Can we soon use asphalt on a large scale on a vegetable basis? The construction of…

Freek van Eijk, vicevoorzitter CBBD

Freek van Eijk new vice-chairman of Circular Biobased Delta

Freek van Eijk, CEO of Holland Circular Hotspot and Managing Director of Acceleratio, has been appointed…


Half a million euros for lignin production for biobased asphalt

Chemical company Avantium announces today that it has received a € 0.5 million grant for its…

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New structure for Circular Biobased Delta accelerating transition to green economy.

The Circular Biobased Delta Foundation changed its structure on April 1 to accelerate the transition towards…


Urgent appeal: create biobased cleaning agents from plant-based waste streams

The Green Chemistry Campus and Horizon 11 make an urgent appeal to entrepreneurs for the development…

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Patners Chaplin

Program Chaplin has started

On Wednesday 4 March, representatives from 22 organizations met at the Tech Park in Delft for…


Fourth edition of Natural Fibertastic in Bergen op Zoom

From Biobased Safari to a very first introduction to biobased options for the construction and infrastructure…

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