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Friday 9 April a letter was sent to the Informateur and the VVD, D66, CDA, CU, PvdA, GL and SP Group Chairs, calling for a number of points regarding biomass to be embedded in the Coalition Agreement. The letter is signed by a broad coalition working on sensible and high-quality application of biofuels (biomass).

Together we advocate a transition to a sustainable and circular bio-economy, in which bio-materials are used on the basis of value maximisation. The letter offers four tools to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and to strengthen the Dutch economy. Biobased raw materials are necessary to achieve the climate objectives. Moreover, they contribute to the construction of a new sustainable manufacturing economy. Biomaterials store the CO2 absorbed by plants during growth. Agriculture and forestry can make a positive contribution to the climate objectives. This builds on the SER advisory report ‘Biomass in Balance’, in which sustainability is a precondition for the production and use of bio-based raw materials.

The following guidelines can be used to put the controversy surrounding biomass behind us (although there will always be points for discussion) and to energetically pursue the transition to an emission-free economy:

Recognise agriculture and forestry as the foundation for the Dutch circular bio-economy. Value sustainable biobased raw materials as a serious and indispensable option to achieve climate objectives and as an impulse for a new sustainable manufacturing industry.
Stimulate high-quality application of biobased raw materials and at the same time make clear which applications are necessary in the energy and fuel sectors in order to realise the agreed CO2 reduction.
Work on a broad support base by continuously improving the assurance of sustainable sourcing and application of biobased raw materials and explicitly exclude non-sustainable production and applications. Where possible, link the (decreasing) stimulation of energy applications to high-quality applications in the chemical and building materials industries.
Take the lead and ensure that the ministries concerned pursue a coordinated policy.

The coalition behind the letter consists of:

Federatie Bio-economie Nederland, Dorette Corbey

Platform Bio-Economie (PBE), Luuk van der Wielen

TKI BBE, Kees de Gooijer

Rotterdam Biomass Commodoties Network (RBCN), Peter-Paul Schouwenberg

Nederlandse Vereniging van bioketel leveranciers (NBKL), Eppo Bolhuis

Energie Nederland (ENL), Medy van der Laan

Branche Vereniging Organische Reststoffen (BVOR), Arjen Brinkmann

Stichting Be-Basic, Bram Brouwer

U.S. Industrial Pellet Association (USIPA), Seth Ginther

Stichting Agrodome, Jaap van de Linde

De Koninklijke Vereniging van de Nederlandse Chemische Industrie (VNCI), Bernard Wientjes

Platform Duurzame Brandstoffen, Eric van den Heuvel

Nederlandse Vereniging Duurzame Energie (NVDE), Teun van Bokhoven

Chemport Europe, Errit Bekkering

Circular Biobased Delta, Willem Sederel