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Alta Innovation Support was started in 2012 by CEO Frank Vergunst. He has extensive experience (>25 years) in the oil and gas industry. In this naturally conservative market he has successfully introduced new technological innovations.

With Alta Innovation Support he is the founder of the Alta Carbon Technologies project. In our roadmap (based on research by CE Delft), this project is named as one of the circular biobased projects that will contribute to CO2 reduction in the Delta region. It involves the construction of two plants for the production of cyclic organic carbonate from epoxides and captured CO2. The first plant is to be realised in 2025 and the second in 2028. Both plants will contribute 350 ktonnes per year to the total COreduction of 10 million tonnes per year in the Delta region.

What is the business model of Alta Innovation Support?
Frank Vergunst: “Alta Innovation Support supports companies in the field of sustainable process engineering. We deliver products in the field of waste heat and COrecycling and are also able to deliver these turn-key. Besides this we offer our support in the field of (process) engineering, trouble shooting, project management and technology development. We are flexible, energetic, customer-oriented and achieve ownership. The concept of Total Cost of Ownership is central to all our products and services offered and delivered.”

Can you name a few projects that you have delivered?
Frank Vergunst: “We mapped out the heat and cold flows of one of the production processes for a leading pharmaceutical company. By optimising the process and reusing the residual heat, the consumption of cooling water and steam could be reduced by 40% and 30% respectively. It was also possible to convert the remaining residual heat into electricity by using a new innovative technology. Another example is our cooperation with a company specialised in the development of new technologies for the chemical industry. We have worked on a chain optimisation for waste processing companies. By using a reactive liquid, COis selectively removed from the flue gas and then used in the synthesis of a product. This product can be used to also remove other components from flue gas in order to lower operational costs and reduce emissions. Depending on the situation, the COcan also be used for other purposes, such as in greenhouse farming, the food industry or the chemical industry.”

What is your reason for joining the community of Circular Biobased Delta?
“We appreciate the community and the connection that Circular Biobased Delta has created within the sector. In becoming a member, we hope to gain knowledge about working together efficiently with the whole value chain. Moreover, the mission to inspire other companies to become more sustainable and green-energy-based, fits seamlessly with our own goals and visions.”

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