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"And the winner of the WOW Jury Award for Best Cooperation is...CHAPLIN! In this programme, companies, governments and knowledge institutions work together to replace the raw material in asphalt, bitumen, with lignin. By doing so, they make an important contribution to greening the road construction industry and reducing CO2."

The cash prize that Circular Biobased Delta programme manager Joop Groen, Martin Junginger of Utrecht University and Jeroen Nagel of Rijkswaterstaat receive in the photo will be well spent on the further development of lignin-based asphalt to make road construction greener and reduce CO2.

Thanks to the organisation and the jury and especially to all the participants who made this possible: In addition to Utrecht University, Rijkswaterstaat and Circular Biobased Delta, they are: Wageningen University & Research,TNO, Q8 Research, Asfalt Kennis Centrum B.V., Avantium, LXP Group, LATEXFALT B.V., Vertoro, H4A, Roelofs, NTP, TWW | Negam | Dostal, Boskalis, Dura Vermeer, Biondoil, North Sea Port, Praj Industries, Province of Noord-Brabant, Province of Zeeland, Province of Gelderland, Province of Overijssel, Province of Zuid-Holland, Municipality of Bergen op Zoom, Municipality of Altena, Municipality of Wageningen and Municipality of Assen.

Anita Baas BA MBA on behalf of the jury: “Asphalt is one of the largest in terms of CO2 footprint. If you can reduce the use of fossil fuels, then you have something beautiful up your sleeve. But it’s also about cooperation: it’s very special that so many parties are involved in this project. We would like to congratulate all the partners and wish them every success in the development of biobased asphalt.”

Joop Groen of CHAPLIN: “This is a very nice honour and I would like to make an appeal right away. We are working along a value chain that starts with a raw material and ends with the road manager. To make a real impact, biobased asphalt has to be implemented on a large scale and road authorities have an enormous steering role in this. So join the CHAPLIN initiative and help to push this development forward, take up this challenge with us!”

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