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We can hear you think… Floatlands, what are these? In fact, the term is not unfamiliar within the world of (urban) water management. Floatlands facilitate water plants and riparian plants to grow easily at places where they usually are not able to, e.g. close to quay walls or in deep water.

The roots of the plants are submerged in the water: in that way, they absorb nitrogen and phosphorus from the water. It could reduce problems with blue-green algae. Another important function of the floatlands is that it attracts all types of water life like a magnet. So, it is good for the improvement of biodiversity!

100% biobased and circular

Dutch Water Tech was able, in close collaboration with GCC-members BambooLogic and Impershield, to develop these floatlands out of completely natural materials.

BambooLogics bamboo -produced in Europe- reduces the emission of CO2 enormously and is being produced sustainably. Bamboo has a large buoyancy, which facilitates the production of the floating elements. Taking into consideration the natural water resistance and its strength, this raw material is indispensable.

The floatlands become extra water resistant by treating them with a natural impregnation from Impershield. This coating is based on natural resins and will guarantee years of positive effects of the floatlands!

We have them constructed by young people with a disadvantage on the employment market, with help from Zep XL. This is a health care organization for people with all kinds of challenges.