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Do you want to use the opportunities for economic growth and reduction of CO2 emissions and do you need inspiration and support in your transition towards the circular biobased economy? Then become member of Delta Community XL. With Delta Community XL you are closely connected to companies in the Delta region and to circular biobased innovations.

Circular Biobased Delta offers members 5 important advantages:

1. Sharing knowledge, experience and opportunities

Through Delta XL, you become part of a network of fellow professionals working at other large companies with the same issues. Based on our cases and best practices, you share your knowledge, experience and opportunities with each other. You also meet partners from our ecosystem so you have short lines to the necessary knowledge and facilities. Delta XL offers you ample opportunity for matchmaking and promising partnerships.

2. Use our consulting power

Our team has more than 385 years of experience in the circular biobased economy. We are happy to be your sounding board before you invest in circular biobased innovations. On the basis of technical and economic calculations, analyses and feasibility studies, you will receive, if you so wish, comprehensive advice in the field of, among other things, technology, finances, subsidies and market opportunities. We are well versed in legislation and subsidy schemes and are happy to share our knowledge. Moreover, we lobby at provincial, national and European level, which you, as a member, can use to your advantage.

3. Always well informed

Circular Biobased Delta translates European and national developments into their impact on the Delta region. What is the real situation regarding the Climate Change Agreement? And what does it mean in concrete terms for your sector and your company? Where are the business opportunities? Which subsidy programmes can you make use of? During theme events, we explore subjects in depth with the help of the knowledge and insights of experts. And during our innovation sessions, we present innovative pitches and the latest research results. You will also be part of an online platform where you can always find up-to-date information and you will receive our newsletter every two months.

4. Connection to the Human Capital agenda of the future

You strengthen your competitive position through our community by gaining better access to students across the entire education chain (MBO, HBO and WO); young talent for internships, research and filling (future) vacancies. Educational institutions join us to align the curricula of their courses and training with your organisation’s business operations so that the right knowledge and competences are available. In this way, we work together on increasing the ‘body of knowledge’ within the circular biobased domain. To brush up the knowledge of the professionals within your organisation about bio-based themes, we offer (online) master classes and workshops. In addition, we organise activities for your young professionals so that they can meet peers from their own generation and create a network that suits their needs.

5. Visibly contributing to a clean and strong economy

Together, we attract new investors to create jobs and economic growth. At the same time, we support our mission to reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the goals of the Climate, Raw Materials and Energy Agreement. In this way, we will work together towards a liveable and prosperous economy for new generations. We make this known by publishing your company name, profile and logo on our online platform and offering you partnership in activities and events relevant to you.

Do you want to become a partner of Circular Biobased Delta?

Do you share our vision? Do you want to be well informed about the latest developments within the circular biobased economy and sound out our experienced advisors? Do you want to learn from and be inspired by experts and fellow professionals? Do you want quick access to facilities, knowledge and educational institutions and decision makers within government and business? Join Delta Community XL.

 Broad cross-sectoral cooperation

Chairman Willem Sederel: “To achieve the climate objectives and to seize the opportunities that the circular bio-based economy offers us, big steps and broad cross-sectoral cooperation are needed. The community gives shape and direction to that cooperation. I warmly invite companies in the region that are interested to contact us.