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In September and October it is possible to get acquainted with the Nyex Rosalox™ system from Arvia Technology at the Green Chemistry Campus. This water treatment system uses adsorption and electrochemical oxidation to remove organic pollution from water. This combination makes the process very energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Companies from the pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals and engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) sectors, among others, are welcome to schedule an appointment.

Nyex Rosalox™ water treatment system
Arvia Technology has designed a unique system to remove organic contaminants from mg/L to ppb from wastewater: the Nyex Rosalox™ water treatment system. The system:

  1. removes active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), pesticides, insecticides and herbicides;
  2. treats hydrophobic organic compounds;
  3. polishes COD from <300 mg/L to very low levels.

The combination of adsorption and oxidation technologies results in lower operating costs and, because no toxic sludge or secondary waste is produced, incineration or disposal of solid waste is no longer necessary.

BioVoice Innovation & Business Booster
Arvia Technology was introduced to the Green Chemistry Campus last year by Cargill’s BioVoice challenge. Cargill was looking for an effective way to purify their residual water and reuse it in their process. Arvia pitched a membrane technology for purifying residual water and concluded a BioVoice innovation contract.

The initiators of BioVoice are REWIN West-Brabant, Green Chemistry Campus, the province of Noord-Brabant and Rabobank. Dockwize, Impuls Zeeland, Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy and Midpoint Brabant have joined in as partners for the implementation. BioVoice is made possible by financial contributions from the Regio Deal Midden- en West-Brabant, the Province of Noord-Brabant, the Province of Zeeland and Rabobank.


Photo: Nyex Rosalox™ by Arvia Technology

Arvia Technology
Arvia Technology provides advanced water treatment equipment for the chemical industry, pharmaceuticals and agrofood. For more information go to the website or contact Bob Houpst of REWIN..