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Our recent Community member Groasis has unexpectedly lost her founder, director and great inspiration, Pieter Hoff.

Pieter and I have known each other since the early days of the company, when we met at Starterslift in Breda, where we were able to subsidise the development of the Waterboxx.

Later, the Growboxx followed, no longer made of plastic, but of coated cardboard and therefore completely biodegradable. Pieter remained critical of his own innovations, always looking out for the interests of the customer. In many cases the product had to be cheaper, more flexible, not only for growing trees, but also for producing fruit and vegetables. Many farmers in the target areas simply could not wait 5-10 years for the tree to start bearing fruit. Tomatoes, melons, courgettes are some of the products that can be harvested already in the first year. Pieter has travelled all over the world with his development, of which a nice overview is given in the attached message and film. It struck me that as a West Frisian he has taken root well in West Brabant. He was comfortable in Steenbergen and always liked to return there after his many travels.

We wish his family and friends much strength in coping with this enormous loss.

Willem Sederel

Chairman of Circular Biobased Delta