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CBBD establishes a cooperation with HCH to offer an international platform to its best practices.

Maybe known, CBBD is a partnership of three Dutch provinces, companies and knowledge institutions within the southwestern Delta region. It aims to stimulate the use of more biobased/renewable raw materials in the transition to a sustainable, circular, biobased and green economy.

The Circular Biobased Delta is a frontrunning region in the Netherlands and beyond because of a unique combination of high-end chemical/biotechnological industry, high-end agriculture and horticulture, logistic infrastructure (ports), leading knowledge institutions and concerned governments. CBBD actively promotes key programs like Biorizon and CHAPLIN (bioasphalt) abroad as well. 

In the field of the circular economy, the Netherlands have a leading and inspiring role internationally. HCH is a public-private platform of companies and knowledge institutions and local governments. It stimulates and supports international cooperation and exchange of knowledge about the Dutch circular economy. Vice chairman of our foundation Freek van Eijk, is director of HCH, which means that there are short lines of communication and cooperation is easy.

Companies within the Delta region can easily provide their best practices via HCH’s Google Form which gives them access to -amongst others- embassies and the international HCH’s CE-hub network.