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On Wednesday 24 March, Rabobank joined the Supervisory Board of the Circular Biobased Delta Foundation. Rabobank is represented in person by Alain Cracau, Director Rabobank Green Bank and Head of Sustainable Transitions Businesses at Rabobank Group.

Alain Cracau

Alain Cracau

The Supervisory Board inspires and supports the Board of Directors in policy-making and checks whether, in carrying out its management tasks, it keeps an eye on the interests of the foundation in relation to its social function. In particular, it ensures that the implementation of the management policy is in line with the established 10-year plan of Circular Biobased Delta. The Supervisory Board consists of representatives of the government (the provinces of Zuid-Holland, Zeeland and Noord-Brabant) and of knowledge centres and the business community: Wageningen University, TNO and the Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy, Cargill, Sabic, RWE, Cosun and, since recently, Rabobank, respectively.

Chairman of the Supervisory Board Jo-Annes de Bat, member of the Provincial Executive of Zeeland, commented: “I and the other members of the Supervisory Board are pleased that our supervisors now include a representative of a financial institution. We have had a good relationship with Rabobank for a long time.”

Chairman of the Board Willem Sederel: “Because of their roots in the agricultural sector and as drivers of innovations, all Rabobanks in West Brabant and Zeeland have closely followed and supported the developments within the Circular Biobased Delta. By joining the Supervisory Board, this bond has now been formalised.”

Wibo van Hekken, Chairman of the Board of Rabobank Breda: “As Rabobank, we believe that you should strive to ‘grow a better world together’, in which an active contribution to the Circular Biobased Delta fits. We look forward to the efforts of our members, customers and employees to help the Circular Biobased Delta achieve its ambitious goals.