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Since 2019, the BioVoice programme has been collecting questions from large companies for a bio-based or circular solution to an existing problem. SMEs and start-ups get the chance to submit their solution to these 'challenges'. The most recent challenge cycle of BioVoice ended on Friday 15 October. The results were celebrated during a hybrid Match Event.

Results in 2021
11 innovation contracts have been signed between large companies and participating SMEs/start-ups. These are not only 1-on-1 collaborations; surprisingly, in two challenges a collaboration was established between a large company and 2 resp. 3 companies. For the participants, the innovation contract means access to financing via vouchers, among other things. They spend these vouchers as much as possible at knowledge and application centres in the South West Netherlands region and they show what regional impact their project will have. A total of €96,250 in innovation vouchers was awarded. This amount was made available by the Regio Deal Midden- en West-Brabant, the province of Noord-Brabant, Rabobank and the province of Zeeland. The new partners are now entering the pilot phase together. This involves a total budget of over €600,000.

But not only that
This cycle also produced a large number of alternative forms of cooperation in addition to the innovation contracts. Twelve participants who did not conclude an innovation contract are now or will in the future cooperate with regional initiatives and companies. A West Brabant company, for instance, will team up with one of the challengers to see if their existing solution can make the process more sustainable and optimised. All in all, BioVoice’s mission has been amply accomplished: to accelerate and valorise new knowledge and/or technology. For a stronger bio-based and circular economy in the region.

Innovation knowledge from far and near
5 Participating companies had a foreign background this time: from Spain, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Germany and Belgium. They brought valuable new insights and networks from beyond our borders. At the same time, two challengers found their potential solution almost around the corner: for example, Vlissingen-based Dow entered into a partnership with two other Zeeland companies.

BioVoice partners
The initiators of BioVoice are REWIN, Green Chemistry Campus, the province of Noord-Brabant and Rabobank. Dockwize, Impuls Zeeland, Centre of Expertise Biobased Economy and Midpoint Brabant have joined in as partners for the implementation of the programme. Together, they want to give innovative entrepreneurs and talent in the circular and biobased economy more space and a voice. BioVoice is made possible by financial contributions from the Regio Deal Central and West Brabant, the Province of Noord-Brabant, Rabobank and the Province of Zeeland.

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