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Breda-based company The Protein Brewery has raised EUR 22 million from investors for the development of a sustainable protein substitute.

The Protein Brewery makes a protein called Fermotein from carbohydrate-rich food crops such as sugar beet, cassava, potatoes and maize. The company does this with a fungus. It is an alternative to animal varieties in meat substitutes, dairy, pasta and chocolate. The company of microbiologist Wim de Laat wants to further develop the protein and scale up production by building a demo factory.

The Breda-based company currently produces Fermotein on a small scale. A lot of money is needed to further develop the protein and build a production site. Hence the high investment amount, which comes from Novo Holdings. Roquette Ventures and Unovis Asset Management. “We can go forward with this for a number of years, but it is not unlikely that we will need more money,” spokesperson Claire Verhagen tells RTL Nieuws.

The Protein Brewery was created at the beginning of this year as a spin-off from BioscienZ, the biotech company De Laat founded in 2010. This company uses micro-organisms such as yeasts, bacteria and fungi as the basis for the development of new products. BioscienZ’s developments include a plant-based alternative to chicken protein.