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Synova is an advanced recycling company focused on closing the gap in the plastic supply chain. Its waste-to-chemicals technology is a superior form of chemical recycling, designed to displace the need for fossil fuels and reduce climate impacts.

Synova is focused on enhancing the circular economy of plastics and helping consumer product and petrochemical companies achieve targets for reducing waste and utilizing more recycled plastics.

Their patented technology, developed by TNO, is uniquely poised to close the current gap in the plastic value chain. Able to process MSW, including mixed plastic waste, the technology also features a ‘best in class’ cleanup train that removes 99.9% of unwanted tars and uses the energy value to create a highly efficient process with a better CO2 footprint. The result is a gas made up of  high value molecules that have numerous applications, including  olefins (the building blocks for new plastics), BTX, and Renewable Fuels. The technology has more than 7,000 hours of independently verified testing at multiple scales.

The appointment of Willem Sederel follows Synova’s recently announced strategic alliance with Technip Energies and is part of Synova’s plan to partner with companies and individuals with relevant industry expertise and delivery capability in order to accelerate the full potential of their promising technology.

Van Morris, Synova CEO:
“Dr. Sederel is an industry veteran with a proven track record of bringing to market, and scaling new technologies within the Chemicals and Polymers industries.” It is this experience that will help Synova further scale our technology, “We believe that chemical recycling will be a large business and Synova has a technological advantage in the race. Dr. Sederel will help us achieve our goals in accelerating plastic circularity.

Synova’s global offices are located in Maassluis, the Netherlands, Santa Monica California and Bangkok Thailand.