What has Biobased Delta already achieved?

  • An agrochemical coalition has been set up. This joint undertaking between agricultural and horticultural firms and the chemical industry has forged an effective and efficient network.
  • Contacts have been established with knowledge centres and educational institutions and executive assistance has been received from the provincial and municipal authorities.
  • The biobased alternative has been positioned as front end centre on a robust and inspirational stage as the answer to fossil fuels and environmentally harmful products.
  • Several concrete products have already been brought to market, including bioasphalt, bioaromatics that are recognised as the best in class in Europe, fibre-based building materials, street furniture and park benches, and even a biobased viaduct.
  • Businesses profit from each other’s expertise and research and development.
  • Biobased Delta has presented itself in the media and through demonstrations at trade fairs and events.