Sugars and other carbohydrates, such as maize, potato and wheat starch provide an excellent basis for the production of chemical building blocks and products. These carbohydrates are being cost-effectively produced on a large scale in the Biobased Delta by, among others, Cosun/Suikerunie and Cargill. In 2017 the European Union sugar quota is going to be discontinued, meaning that more sugars will become available.

A report by Deloitte (2014) shows that Western Europe can, as a result, become the global leader in the economic production of chemical building blocks and products from sugar. The report shows how successful the initiative started by Biobased Delta is, based on valorising sugars through fermentation and green chemistry and, with that, developing new earning models for the agro sector.

The aim of the Sugar Delta project is to facilitate a biorefinery plant in the south-western Netherlands, in which value is added to sugar or starch will be enhanced by converting these into chemical products and ingredients. With this in mind, partnerships are being set up between producers of the sugars, processors of the sugars and parties/end users further down the value chain.