Below you can find the projects which offer support to biobased research, education and products:

Rewin: BioLinX

BioLinX is a European H2020 project. The eight partners in BioLinX, from five European countries, are applying their expertise to support (former) participants in biobased EU projects in the valorisation of their innovation or project results.

For whom: Companies that participated in a biobased EU project under FP7, H2020, Life, ERANET, Eurostars etc. The focus of the company or project in question has to be on the use of biobased feedstock (agro, agro waste flow or lignocellulose).

What: The BioLinX Innovation Support Programme consists of all kinds of services aimed at increasing the Technology Readiness Level of the innovation and the ‘marketing’ of the innovation and/or research results.

Partners: REWIN West-Brabant and TNO (NL), DECHEMA and PNO Consultants (D), Europe Unlimited (B), Innovation Engineering and SC, Sviluppo Chimica (I), RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (S).

Rewin: BioBase4SME

BioBase4SME advises SMEs from Northern Europe on how to market their biobased innovations.

For whom: Start-ups and SMEs.

What: Support with the continued development of biobased research into a commercial innovation.

What are we offering? Training, innovation boot camps, workshops and innovation coupons worth a maximum of € 100,000.

Partners: Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, Biobased Valley and Materia Nova (B), AC3A (F), CLIB2010 (D), RESOURCE (IRE), National Non-Food Crop Centre and University of York (GB) and REWIN West-Brabant (NL).

Impuls: Circular and biobased vouchers

Circular and biobased vouchers are intended to stimulate innovative SMEs to develop new circular and/or biobased products, services, processes or concepts.

CoE BBE: Biobased Network

Application centres throughout the entire chain within the biobased economy are collaborating in the Biobased Network. An application centre is a development workshop which a company or entrepreneur can contact with an idea, concept, or issue. We would be only too pleased to help you develop your biobased product.

Smart pilots

Although the route towards a biobased economy begins with research and innovation, the question is how researchers and entrepreneurs should then market their solution? The European Smart Pilots project helps them do precisely this. Researchers and entrepreneurs can use so-called Shared pilot facilities which provide sufficient expertise and research and demonstration facilities. Work is carried out within the project on improving policy for the use of these facilities so that solutions can be implemented in practice even faster.