The Bioprocess Pilot Facility (BPF) is a unique public pilot facility with extensive experience in the piloting of biobased (especially fermentation) processes since the 1960s. BPF is an independent entity. BPF owns over 250 pieces of piloting equipment and employs over 40 people, with both food-grade and non-food facilities, making it a world-class facility to scale up biobased processes. BPF is a service provider in the field of scaling up: BPFs knowledge and experience is related to the art of scaling up, which BPF does by actually scaling down a full-scale process, rather than scaling up a small lab process. BPF has piloting equipment related to biomass pre-treatment, fermentation and downstream processing (i.e. separation and purification processes), making it ideally suited to help companies and institutes to scale up their innovations to pilot scale, and to get ready for a commercial operation.