Circulaire Industrietafel 2022

Circular round table on best practices from the Delta region

Circular biobased entrepreneurship offers opportunities for economic growth and reduction of CO2 emissions. This was demonstrated…

Pierre Gielen


Can digestate from biogas production replace peat in substrate?

If there is ever a versatile plant growing in the Netherlands, it is certainly the sugar…

Pierre Gielen

BioVoice maiskolf-reageerbuis-briobrandstof

‘Great opportunity to get started as a start-up’

The 2020 BioVoice Challenges event is over. On 2 October the companies with which the Challengers…

Pierre Gielen


Fertiliser granules

BioVoice winner Instral looking for fertiliser manufacturers

Chemical company Instral is looking for fertiliser manufacturers who want to cooperate in the development of…

Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

BioVoice Match Event 15-10-2021

Result BioVoice challenges: 11 innovation contracts and 12 other collaborations

Since 2019, the BioVoice programme has been collecting questions from large companies for a bio-based or…

Biovoice ronde 3

(Large) companies can sign up for another challenge at BioVoice

Last month, the innovation and business booster programme BioVoice concluded a successful second round of biobased…