Who we are and what we do

Biobased Delta is an alliance of Dutch provinces, businesses and knowledge centres in the delta region of North Brabant, Zeeland and South Holland. Together, we are pioneering a sustainable biobased economy. We support initiatives to use biomass as a raw material in the chemical, construction and packaging industries. We are applying natural residual flows from agriculture, forestry and horticulture – such as sugar beet, sweet corn, hemp and timber – to reduce our reliance on fossil raw materials.

We are achieving this by:

  • linking up innovative startups with established companies;
  • helping sustainable investors develop cast-iron business cases;
  • attracting investors;
  • strengthening cooperation between the authorities, businesses and knowledge centres;
  • lobbying at local authorities, the government and Brussels;
  • organising events to put partners inside and outside the region in touch with each other.

Why we do what we do

Our economy must become much more sustainable if we are to continue living and working in a vulnerable region. Biobased Delta is strengthened by the goals set in international and national agreements such as the Paris Climate Agreement and the National Raw Materials Agreement in the Netherlands. The biobased transition is an opportunity that must not be missed. The green economy of the future has enormous commercial potential for businesses in our region. For the businesses and knowledge centres cooperating in Biobased Delta, the transition is a creative challenge, a chance to work together to develop more sustainable, better and more attractive products.